PlayStation Network Status June 1

Sony is not out of the woods yet when it comes to the PlayStation network down problems. Hackers took the network offline back in April and they have been fighting to get the network back up and running full force ever since.

Yesterday it was widely suggested that Sony was going to ‘postpone’ maintenance that has been scheduled but that is not true and it will go on which means that you will not be able to play games online today. Don’t get all bent out of shape though because it should only be for a short time and then you will be able to sign in again and the PlayStation Store could be back online again shortly.

This information applies to users in the US and Europe so if you are in another area you may have to wait a little bit longer before you see full services restored to your area but Sony assures us that they are working around the clock to get the network and the store functioning fully in all service areas.

Once the store comes back online and the PlayStation network status and PlayStation store status is green eligible users will be able to go online and download their free games that are part of the ‘Welcome Back’ package offered by Sony.


  1. i hope it come up soon cant wait want to download games lol…i hope hackers they get ban cause men hacker sucker such as a loser.

  2. when the time psn store come back up>>>>

  3. stitch42 says:

    Ill belive it when I see it…i just want to know was diffrent os and the jailbrake that made the system able to run another os (like it did when I got my gen 1 ps3) was really worth te millions of dollars this just cost them…I bet geohot is laughing about this now

  4. i have no idea what the diffrent about the os and jailbreak cause when people jailbreak ther ps3 they cauld still run normaly but some hacker just over dided like getting free games or getting other people credit card said that they find what they going for.jailbreak a ps3 just to back up there games and keep there original game save so it dont get scratch i have no idea tho

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