Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

Fans are going wild over the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship. Some of them are happy for the couple but most of the Bieber fans are super upset!

selena gomez and justin bieberHow do Bieber fans show that they are upset? Well they give Selena Gomez death threats through Twitter of course. Some crazy fans have been threatening Selena and telling her that if she hurts Justin she is going to pay for it.

Don’t you think it is just a little crazy that two kids in love are having to be under so much pressure? Selena is 18 and Justin is 16. They should be able to go about their own lives without having to be terrified that someone is going to go crazy on one of them for dating someone.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez do give the fans plenty to see with all of their public displays of affection however. Maybe if they didn’t like the spotlight on the relationship they would be a little bit more discreet when out in public.


  1. shauntia says:

    now u cheatin on me i dnt like u no mre

  2. nyra beiber says:

    hey jb wat do u see in her im so much better lookin and y do u only date famous people i need to break up with her like really like all ur fans r gettin mad probbabbly when u have ur nxt concert u probbably be 3 million short and ill beone i hate u know open ur eyes and look at her face shes so ewwwwwwwwww listen to me plz plz plz amd when is ur nxt concert gonna be in the next yr where is the closest to texas..love uuuuuuuuuoooooooooooooh so much plz respond

  3. nyra beiber says:

    oh and selena vomentez if u break justins heart u wont see to be 20 yrs old do u here me ur so ugly get over ur self he dosent need u theres better girls r so …………i cant even say i think u need to move on hes togood for u and ur movie if wizards of waverly place find a new style urs is gettin old like so last yr just like ur face……….and in the movie when u find the stone dont act stupid act normal and no u cant fix everything because ur face cant change and go brush ur teeth…… and i dont blame if she dosent know u as ur fake mom in the movie i would be ashames and stay ur age and dont grow up to soon ur tryin to hard……geta life

  4. batval says:

    Man! Yal are crazy people!! Don’t u get it kid!!! HE WILL NEVET GO OUT WITH YOU!!! he dosent iven knowr you! O please get over y’all selfs!! DESPERATE, OBSESSED, RETARDED! ← yup that’s all for the people that actually think the have. Chance!

  5. jelenabeliever says:

    bless justin and selena with love and peace

  6. Personally I don’t care…this is goofy they are way too young to be gettn hitched

  7. samatha says:

    guys it is hes life really i am a justin bieber fan but i am not making death threats too selena gomez if u truely r a justin bieber fan u should be happy for him not make death threats that can break them up. be happy i understand he is a celeb but really give him the privacy he needs good bless selena and justin have a happy life togheth justin bieber and selena gomez do not let crazy people make death threats to u egnor them they r making death threats because the have nothing better too do they do not have a life and they wish the were selena gomez mabey one day u will date one of ur fans that is truly nice and did not srew up ur life

  8. samatha says:

    and justin there has been roumers about u getting selena gomez pregnate if it is true congrads if its not i am truly sorry for those roumers

  9. alina says:

    not again bieb’s
    neva eva

  10. Amanda says:

    Leave Selena alone! she is not as bad as some of these celebrities are and you guys have no right to be giving her death threats! Jbiebs doesnt even know a single one of you. He isnt cheating on you, & she isnt stealing him from you! (Trust me she’s gone out with 2 of the celebs i like already and I am still her fan) You should be wishing them luck, and being nice to both of them. Some fans you are.

  11. esmeralda says:

    cute but i love justin more cuz i’m part of his family

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