Justin Bieber Tattoo

Have you seen the Justin Bieber tattoo? It is an outline of a bird. Apparently it is a tradition in their family to get a bird tattoo but a lot of the family has it on their wrist.

justin bieber tattooWhat do you think about that tattoo? The Justin Bieber tattoo was done in Canada at Son of a Gun tattoo parlor. Since Justin is only 16 one of his parents had to sign for the tattoo or maybe they were just fans and let him get it anyway.

MTV found out from that tattoo artist that Justin did indeed have his Dad with him. He also said that when he got the Justin Bieber tattoo he did not cry and that he was a “nice kid”.


  1. julyssa says:

    i love u justin bieber.i know u r with selena and i wish i can u meet 1 day and hope dream will come ture to met u and hang ut one day people say i will never meet u but i will

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