PlayStation Network Status: Sony Being Hacked Again? June 2

If you are worried about the PlayStation network status you may have cause to worry. Hacker group LulzSec claims that it is going to take Sony down and that it is already hacking the servers without any alarms going off.

Sony is of course hoping that the claims coming from this hacker group will not affect the PlayStation network status and that services will run normally.

Hacker group LulzSec has already hacked the PBS website and put a fake article on the site. The article said that rapper Tupac was still alive and had a lot of people quite confused about the news.

As you know Sony still has not fully recovered from the breaches that happened to PSN in April. If the company experienced another attack it would be devastating. Not only would the company be bleeding millions of dollars but they would most likely lose many new customers that had been considering coming and using the services by Sony.

Loyal PlayStation fans are hoping that all goes well with the repair and servicing of all areas that PSN reaches but hackers and non-fans are having a good laugh as Sony attempts to get back on their feet.


  1. rico says:

    it is pathetic and weak to kick someone when they’re down and if these ppl had any honor or balls they’d put faces with a name so the millions they’re hurting can get a chance to hurt em back

  2. voljar says:

    amen man but they are lying im sure of it

  3. mredt says:

    PSN store is back but how do i get the “Welcome Back appreciation program” so i can play inFAMOUS and LittleBigPlanet.

  4. Tom says:

    sony better just leave this alone.. otherwise they will disturb the hornets nest.. and never have peace again.. please sony, for the love of the community.. don’t attack the hackers. just ignore it for now..

  5. TheeGoz says:

    It’s not really back online. Try logging in, still says the site is under maintenance. Man it was nice of Sony to reset all our passwords and then block you from trying to reset it so you can actually login and use your account. Great job Sony, great job in communicating with your customers….

  6. Justin says:

    Marketplace is inaccessible for me right now… Related? I’m in US, and get error (80710D23), which I think is the same one received the first time they were hacked

  7. Gamer5 says:

    @mredt welcome back program begins 2morrow :)

  8. totallife says:

    i agree and the welcome back package isnt up yet

  9. Me Again says:

    I thought hacking was against the law?!?! Why is this not being questioned? What about WikiLeaks? I don’t understand where the line is anymore! America so ashamed that they have to act as childish as to say Sony’s system is hackable. Aren’t they all if you are a good Hacker. Anything Man Made is breakable!!!!!

  10. Jordan says:

    When it comes down to it all these hackers are is people with no lives who get their kicks from hurting millions of people around the world simply because they have a problem with sony. all it is is spineless

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