Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: Proposal Scoop

The stunning 20.5-carat Kim Kardashian engagement ring is obviously a big ring. Did you know that the ring is so big that Kim’s fiance was actually able to fit two inscriptions on the inside of the ring?

kim kardashian engagement ringHumphries told PEOPLE that the ring was engraved with two things from the Bible. One of the verses was Proverbs 31: 10-31 which is about the perfect Godly woman and the other was 1 John 3:18 which is about love. Kris said that it look him days to do the research and pick out the perfect ones. There is more though. In the middle of the passages there is a K(heart)K for obvious reasons.

Before Kris Humphries proposed and gave the beautiful Kim Kardashian engagement ring he asked for advice from one of Kim’s close friends, Spin Crowd star Johnathan Cheban. Kris said he was her only guy friend and he wanted to get his input on the matter.

It turns out that Kris has been holding on to the ring for a little while so that he could hit the right time and have the perfect proposal. Did I mention that he asked permission from Kim’s Mom? How sweet!

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