Father’s Day 2011: 3 Top Gifts For Dad

father's day 2011

Sunday June 19th is Father’s day 2011. Are you excited to get the perfect gift for your Dad? Everyone can do the traditional tie or socks but please don’t! Dad doesn’t want any of that – he already has all 20 from the last Father’s days!

If you really want to make Father’s day 2011 special you should do something unique. Why not get your favorite photos of you and Dad and make a collage photo and turn it into a puzzle. You both will have a good time piecing your memories back together.

Taking Dad out to dinner is another good idea. You shouldn’t take him to some stuffy place either. Find out what Dad’s favorite restaurant is or if you want to make it spontaneous sign up for a service like Groupon or Living Social and see what kind of good deals come your way and try something new!

Another great idea is to take Dad on an adventure. You know what Dad likes. You can take him on his favorite outing or maybe you want Dad to be able to get away on his own. You can give him a gift certificate, plane or train ticket to the destination – make it fun!

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