Area 51 Photos: National Geographic Publishes Photos Of Area 51

People are buzzing about the Area 51 photos that have been released. Area 51 has been a great place for conspiracy theorist to point their fingers at. Many believe there is secret testing and even alien probing going on at the facility.

area 51 photosThe National Geographic news website has posted photos which give you a rare glimpse into the site. The photos that it published on the site were from 1963 and were of the military plane crash as well as the cover up by the government. This is all according to the website.

“Area 51 was created so that U.S. Cold Warriors with the highest security clearances could pursue cutting-edge aeronautical projects away from prying eyes,” National Geographic said on its website. “During the 1950s and ’60s Area 51′s top-secret OXCART program developed the A-12.”

Some people think that this is all a hoax to get them off the trail of their alien friends and others are taking the photos at face value and don’t really worry about what is going on at Area 51 or worry about finding anymore Area 51 photos.

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