PlayStation Network Status: Sony ‘Welcome Back’ Package

Users were worried about the PlayStation network status once again as another hacker group named Lulzsec breached the system. Would this be another long outage like the last attack which happened in April? I guess not since the PlayStation store and PSN are up and running.

PlayStation NetworkThe PlayStation store was reactivated and back online Friday and introduced its “Welcome Back” package. The hopes are to calm down the thousands of angry clients that have not enjoyed the interruption in services.

Who will be able to cash in on the “Welcome Back” package?

Any PSN user that signed up before the outage, (that means April 20, 2011 or before), to pick two of their favorite games for the PS3 system as well as two games for the PSP system. Besides for that users are going to be able access premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, which has games, discounts, exclusive offers and added features such as automatic downloads and online storage. The PlayStation Plus subscription will be free for them for 30 days and will not require a long term commitment.

Users of PSN will get 100 virtual items in the PlayStation Home as well. If you are a current Music Unlimited Premium subscriber you will get 30 additional days of premium plus whatever days were lost due to the outage.


  1. Jared Lewis says:

    where are my to free games the welcome back is not working i’m outraged

  2. browder says:

    i tried to download my “two” games and an error occurred and I only was able to download one.
    not only that but there are only 6 choices, and only one was of any interest.
    not that great of a welcome back package if you ask me…

  3. Jonathan says:

    Back when I registered, the Philippines wasn’t available to choose from. So I picked Honk Kong. Now I can’t authenticate my address or phone number and receive all mail in Chinese . When would the Phil. Be availae. Also if it’s true PSN is back. That’s good enough for me. I’m excited to get back in the game

  4. Jonathan says:

    Dang! It’s still undergoing maintenance .?!?!?
    Thought it was up already…..

  5. Tazl says:


  6. Ryan says:

    I just selected my 2 free game downloads and i went to download them and an error occured and now i cant get them. Is there a way that I can still get them?

  7. Juan says:

    i tryed to use the package and i used it but it didnt give any thing and im really mad

  8. James Vorhauer says:

    Im stationed in Korea and my PS3 network is still down. The way it looks, and the way our luck down here runs, we will be down for God knows how long. Does that 30 day 2 games free feature still apply to us? Also, how come we can download updates for games, yet we cant sign in because we still get the messaged that the server is undergoing maintenance. Thanks. I am so ready to buy an XBOX… But I want to stay true to Sony…..

  9. Joshua says:

    I’m angry, too. I could only download one free game, and can’t get anything else. In addition, I can’t even play online, since everything is so slow. An error message just keeps popping up. I’m not alone, as everyone I talk to seems to have the same problem. Maybe it’s just because everyone is online at once. I don’t know though. Either way, the PSN better get fixed, or I’m getting a 360.

  10. CalFord says:

    I’m done with Sony UNLESS, and I MEAN this – unless Sony forces Sir Howard Stringer to kill himself Japanese style. And yes, you did hear that correctly, its “Sir” Howard the duck. That means he was knighted by the occultist human flesh eating Royal Families.

    I wonder if Microsoft had a talk to Sir Howard thy traitor.

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