Jennifer Aniston’s New Man: Justin Theroux

I suppose you have heard about Jennifer Aniston’s new man. Who is Justin Theroux though? The name isn’t extremely familiar to most people but he is an actor and screenwriter. He and Jennifer worked together on Wanderlust and this is where they became familiar.

jennifer anistons new manJennifer Aniston’s new man Justin Theroux has only been in the picture for a couple of weeks but Jen has already had a dinner party to introduce him to some of her close friends such as Courtney Cox from her “Friend’s” years.

Yes, Jennifer is very fickle as of late but maybe this edgy new guy is just what she needs. Sources say that she is very happy and seems to be having a good time with her new beau.

Some people wonder if Jennifer will really ever settle down again after the mess that she went through with Brad Pitt. The whole ordeal really drug her through the mud and lately Angelina Jolie is not making things easier on her by rubbing the relationship in her face as well as some other details that may have been a little bit over sharing.

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