Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: Rumors And Truth

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the Kim Kardashian engagement ring. The most popular of those rumors is that fiance Kris Humphries did not pay for the ring.

kim kardashian engagement ringThe truth of the matter is that Kris did pay for the the Kim Kardashian engagement ring that is worth $2 million! Some people thought that Kim was buying it for herself because of the very similar ring that she had when she was engaged to Reggie Bush.

The reason that the rings are so similar is because that is the type of ring that Kim is in love with. Kris was wise and went to her jewelry designing friend Lorraine Schwartz, who knew just what ring would make Kim swoon.

Since Kris Humphries “only” makes $3,200,000 a year that is a pretty big commitment for his bank account. Sources say that Humphries did not pay the full $2 million for the ring but that is how much it is appraised at.

There were other jewelry companies that were offering Kris a free ring (who wouldn’t love to put a ring on a Kardashian?) but Kris turned them all down to get Kim just what she wanted.

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