Plaxico Burress: Leaving Prison

After 20 months in a medium security prison Plaxico Burress is a free man again. Burress was seen leaving prison sporting a Philadelphia Phillies cap. Could this mean that he is interested in going to play for this Giants’ rival?

plaxico burress“It’s a beautiful day,” Burress said as he left the medium-security Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, N.Y. “It’s a beautiful day to be reunited with my family. I want to go home and spend some quality time with them.”

While Plaxico Burress was in jail his daughter, Giovanna was born. Burress went to reunite with new daugther, wife, Tiffany and son, Elijah after hopping into a black Range Rover that was headed for the Turning Stone Casino and Result. It is expected that he boarded a flight to his home which is outside of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by 11 AM.

Plaxico Burress is 33 and is believed to have spent a lot of time running and doing strength training during his prison time for a gun charge, according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

“There are going to be multiple teams interested in signing him,” Rosenhaus said. “I expect him to get a good contract. I expect him to absolutely be playing.”

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