Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Getting Slammed For PDA

Once the news was out about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating there were pictures popping up all over the net showing the couple kissing and expressing other forms of affection – out in public.

Justin Bieber And Selena GomezYou may have seen them kissing on the beach, in the water, on a boat, walking down the street, in a restaurant and more. Sources say that their PDA continued backstage at the 2011 MTV movie awards as well and really “freaked some people out.” What’s the big deal?

“They made out for about three minutes and kind of weirded people out,” an eyewitness told the entertainment site. “They used a lot of tongue and acted like there was no one else in the room.”

Jason Sudeikis, the event’s host totally caused some embarrassment for Selena Gomez, “Sweetie you’ve been lip-locked with that Bieber kid for a month straight. I want you to be careful, alright?” he said in his opening monologue, “The only reason I’m telling you that is because she already swallowed three of his baby teeth. Don’t want you to choke.”

This is what made Selena bury her face in her hands. Ouch! Do you think people are being a little too hard on “Jelena”? First the death threats for Selena and now humiliation at the 2011 MTV awards?


  1. Jeanette says:

    i think there supposed to be role models.? and i wish selena wouldn’t have token off her purity ring, if she did it with justin thats actually rape :/ considering shes 18 and hes considered a minor soo… anyway they should stop being attention freaks in their relationship by doing PDA almost everywhere! love doesn’t have to show in magazines and websites, the couple seems to much of a media icon for the moment. selena has dated every singer icon when they were at the top (nick jonas, cory from glee, much more sadly..) so it doesn’t suprise me one bit she moved on to the biebs (not cool.) soon people will find out this is basically just more media props for both celebrities. selena wants to be more than a disney star but thats what i think shes best at!

  2. Katy Candy says:

    I think that they used to date well we know they did. Now I think they are over. My friend told me that a rumor spread around her school that Selena Gomez is pregant & Justin proposed. (I do not think this is true.) I think the “eyewitness” is not being very truthfull about them “making love”. they say they are just friends & I believe them.
    -Katy Candy

  3. Christina says:

    It’s sad that people can have so much hate towards two KIDS! Who cares if they’re going to be together long enough to get married, who cares if it’s “love” or not, they’re kids. If they make each other happy than let them be, if you’re that worried about it then you need a life. They seem like a great couple and they obviously see something in each other, if it was a fake relationship it wouldn’t still be going on 7 months later. Get over it people, what it comes down to is they’re still kids, leave them alone.


  4. Kenzie says:

    I cannot believe this message – Once the news was out about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating there were pictures popping up all over the net showing the couple kissing and expressing other forms of affection – out in public. ~~~ LIKE THAT ISNT NORMAL????????? I dont get whtat the big deal is so they made out who cares people do ittt its a natural thing its not news worthy its retarded that they think it is they have a perfectly healthy close relationship and i hope it stays that was and i hope they stay out of their buisness. Good Luck Selly and JBiebs <3 u both :) :)

  5. im gonna have to disagree with jeanette says:

    I understand what Jeanettes is saying but ppl who are role models are allowed to have relationships and shouldn’t be forced to live their lives a certain way just because ppl with cameras and the prying eyes of the public are always on them. they are teenagers and they are dating. they are going to kiss, hug make out just like all other 18/17 year old couples. Bieber is going to be 18 soon. He is no longer a kid. plus i think her not weaing her purity ring does not reflect a change in her beliefs. She has said before that she took it off because she does not want her fans to feel pressured. Even with this purity ring stuff, i personally don’t believe that wearing a ring influences your decision much. Sure its a respresentation of what you want to do with your life, but with sex before marriage, its more of a mental decision and as long she decides what she wants, she doesn’t need to publicly proclaim through the ring. It seems a lot of ppl want to find something wrong with her just because of this clean cut image she has. No one tries to be the good girl, it’s something the media places on you, just like all the other celebs they put on young celebs…example miley the slut (which is also debatable/untrue). Selena does her job and does it well. She is allowed to be a teen and kiss, hug and whatever.

  6. batval says:

    Well I think y’all should jst leave them alone! I mean it wouldn’t been so nice if that was you! I mean just let Selena have her moments! Because there just teenagers! I bet you would probably doo the same! If you were also that age! – valbat←

  7. jusross says:

    justin bieber youre so nice men .but i dont like to you this girl selena,ewwww,,,not pretty ,not sexy,,

  8. Sami:) says:

    R u mad Katy Candy, did u not see the pics of them in hawaii????????????I have a tiny feeling they are NOT ‘just friends’……………..

  9. Daisy says:

    I love Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez. There such a cute couple. And haters are just making them stronger. -Just saying

  10. people just don like yall being together but i do want yall to be together yall look like a cute couple

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