Brad Womack And Emily Maynard: Reality Show?

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have all eyes on them but they are not saying anything. Yesterday I wrote an article about ABC and their contract and how they are not allowed to give any interviews unless they are authorized by the network but is that all that is holding them back?

brad womack and emily maynardThere may be bigger things in the works but who knows for sure. Wet Paint suggests that they should start their own reality show around Emily moving to Texas. There were some other weird suggestions but a show about Emily moving to Texas would surely have the interest of many viewers.

Would you be interested in a reality show staring Brad Womack and Emily Maynard? Both of them are great on the camera and this would be a perfect chance to shut down all of the rumors that have been flying around about the couple breaking up.

Inside sources from ABC’s Bachelor have said that the couple was broken up but do you believe that it is true? Fans are in denial and believe that all is well in Brad and Emily land. How about you?


  1. suelawing says:

    The reality tv show would be a winner. People would watch but I am not sure if they are together. Strange that they wouldn’t at least see each other and there is no way they could keep that out of the rpess

  2. No, I wouldn’t think the show would be a success. Emily has turned out to be a nut bag and I feel sorry for Brad. I think he should thank his lucky stars and run, fast, away from crazy Emily. He’s handsome, mature, self-employed, successful- he’ll find someone else in no time. As for Emily, she needs to mature, stop being so fake, get her overbite fixed and maybe she’ll meet a nice Charlotte boy.

  3. Caroline says:

    I loved this past season of the bachelor and had picked Emily right from the start. They had such an obvious connection, as a viewer it would be nice to know where they are in their relationship. I pray that they have stayed together, despite all the negative publicity. I don’t think that I would follow them on a reality show about Emily’s moving to Texas.

  4. biggest fan!!! says:

    I have been a fan of emily and brad since the moment she walked out of the car. it is kinda dissapointing that they are not saying anything, but i dont belive that they can do so because of a contract with ABC. i couldnt imagine emily purposfully not telling the world about their status. she is such a sweet girl. i would be totally obsessed with a show about them two. i hope they are still together :) )

  5. suelawing says:

    I think it would be a huge. Bigger than any Bachelor or Bachelorette show

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