Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: Is Her Ring Too Big?

The buzz around the Kim Kardashian engagement ring has not subsided as of yet. People are still gawking at the ring that is worth $2 million! It seems that people are more interested in the ring than the fact that Kim is engaged to Kris Humphries.

kim kardashian engagement ringJust a short time ago Kris Humphries gave the Kim Kardashian engagement ring which was just the ring that Kim wanted. Kris was smart enough to get advice from friends and ended up picking a 20.5-carat ring that was designed by friend Lorraine Schwartz.

Some people have been giving them slack because of the size and price tag on the Kim Kardashian ring. Did you know that wearing this ring is about the same as having a half a deck of cards strapped to your finger. Most women would think that this ring was too big but not Kim. What are your thoughts? Should she have let on that she wanted a ring that was so big or should she have been out for something smaller?

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