PlayStation Network Status: June 7 PSN Update

People in some parts of the world are still closely watching the PlayStation network status as they wait for things to come back online. Some people have service and some people simply do not. Sony can not just flip some huge switch that will get everything back online, it is tedious work to get everything online.

playstation network statusThe first breach that made the PlayStation network status one of the most searched for terms online was back in April. There was another attack recently by a hacker group which is called Lulzsec. The hacker group said that Sony’s security was pathetic and they should have better security in place.

Do you think that the company will be able to recover from two attacks? They have yet to provide proof against the first group of hackers that they believe hacked them. Sony is offering a ‘Welcome Back’ package that gives away free games but if people can not access the PlayStation store that is not going to help them. Do you have service in your area?


  1. Angry in Beirut says:

    I’m From Lebanon and PSN server is still down!!!! its really starting to get on my nerves :@

  2. hectorzhrodague says:

    I’m in western Pennsylvania – server is “under maintenance.” I can’t log in to collect my goodies or change my password.

  3. Bojan says:

    How long R we suppose to wait for PSN???

    The moment I try to reset my pass word, it is shown that “the server is down for maintenance”

    Come on Sony, why did i bought my PS3????????

  4. k-3 says:

    ya my psn aint workin either but all of my friends work just fine, this is some bs…!

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