Steve Jobs Calls Jony Ive on the iPhone 4 – Can You See Me Now?

It is faster than a speeding bullet; Superman, look out. Jony Ive is on to something here along with Mr. Jobs. This iPhone is light, thin, and it has incredible screen resolution. Steve Jobs and Jony Ive know phones, and this one is hot off the press. The history is nothing short of amazing.

Steve Jobs

E.T. Phone Home on a Smartphone

“Can you hear me now?” Better yet, “can you see me now?” Darn right you can, on a video resolution of 960 x 640. E.T. would love to “phone home” on this piece of high tech wonder. However, Steve Jobs called Mr. Ive instead (sorry E.T. maybe next time).

The downside of this incredible phone release by Steve Jobs’ Apple is the introduction of a few limitations that has customers uttering the phrase, “Should I stay or should I go.” The talk is still up in the air about limiting carrier access to Apple’s exclusive carrier, AT&T. Apple’s new iOS4 operating system, however, will be made available to all current iPhone owners. Every iPhone 4 owner will have to decide. However, the features on this phone are for lack of words, incredible.

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