Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring?

We have been hearing tons of talk about the Kim Kardashian engagement ring but is there now a Jennifer Aniston engagement ring to speak about as well?

jennifer anistonJen was photographed wearing a ring on her wedding ring finger. Do you think that she is really engaged? She just introduced her new boyfriend Justin Theroux, so it seems unlikely that she really would be engaged. Maybe they were secretly dating for some time now. Who knows! The couple met on the Georgia set of Wanderlust quite a while ago so they could have been keeping the relationship under wraps.

Whether the ring is real or not let’s just say that it is not pretty. The ring is square, gaudy, and gold. It is easy to say that Kim’s ring would win out in a battle between these two.

It is possible that supposed Jennifer Aniston engagement ring is just for show so that she can get some free publicity for her upcoming Horrible Bosses. Whatever the reason it surely did get some people wondering. I would be excited for the 42 year old actress if she was going to get the chance to be happily married.

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