Kim Kardashian Prenup And Scandal

It seems that Kim Kardashian has a lot going on right now. She is spending more time in court than she is doing anything else. Why is Kim in court? No, she didn’t get busted for a DUI or stealing. Her Mother Kris Jenner is healing her put together a prenup and she is also was in court to sue Bret Lockett and In Touch Weekly for saying that she had an affair for the New England Patriot’s player.

kim kardashian prenupSome people think that the Kim Kardashian prenup means that she does not love her fiance Kris Humphries and that she expects her marriage to fail. Sister, Khloe Kardashian says that is not what a prenup means and that people are crazy these days and you have to protect yourself.

What does the prenup state? Kim will keep her snazzy Beverly Hills home and everything that she earns throughout the marriage so basically Kris gets nothing if the couple splits. Sources say that Kris isn’t worried about that at all and is fine with the agreement.

“He does not receive anything if the marriage fails,” says the source. “He agreed to that. He’s not worried.”

Do you think Kris and Kim will last or do you think that all of the fuss around Bret Lockett will set them off on a bad foot?

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