Selena Gomez: Hospitalized After Jay Leno And Doesn’t Say Much On Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has looked to be fine the last couple of days. She has been hanging out with Justin and then she looked beautiful on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno but maybe there was a little too much stress.

selena gomez justin bieberAfter the show sources say that Selena was rushed to the hospital because she was nauseated and had a headache. Was Selena Gomez under too much stress? Too many lights? or maybe it was something all together but I will leave it to someone else to suggest that option.

Jay Leno tried to steer clear of talking about Justin Bieber. I think he may have negotiated to ask one small question about it because he just threw in “So has your Mom met Justin Bieber?” and she replied yes and that he “passed the test”. Then he went right into talking about her life and no more Justin Bieber.

If I were Selena Gomez I would have been a little nervous being asked about my new beau while sitting next to fellow guest Jim Carey. Yikes! Who knows what kind of things he might say – or do!

According to Selena Gomez’s rep’s confirmation to Lifeline Life after the show Selena “wasn’t feeling well and was taken to the hospital. She is currently undergoing routine tests.”


  1. paige says:

    selena i hope u feel fine i hope u feel better and u get out of the hospital in no time

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