Emily Maynard And Brad Womack Are Over

In case you thought it was all just blowing smoke it has now been confirmed that Emily Maynard and Brad Womack are in fact over. Life & Style reported that Emily said it was over between her and Brad.

Emily maynard and brad womackWhat is worse about the break up is that after all of this time that people were saying it was Emily and that Emily faked being in love that Brad actually broke up with Emily – over the phone!

“He called me and broke up with me. That’s it,” Emily told Life & Style

If you ask me the whole thing is a big mess but Emily you shouldn’t worry because I am sure that the Bachelorette will be your next destination.

Since Emily Maynard and Brad Womack are over what does that say for the Bachelor’s track record of keeping couples together? Do they really come to find love or are they just on there for the camera time. Hmmm, let’s guess!

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