Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: Wearing A Decoy?

What would you do if you had a Kim Kardashian engagement ring? I’m sure you would flaunt it like Kim has but you would probably be a little nervous as well. Kim is nervous too. In fact, Kim is so nervous about wearing her ring that she is having a decoy made so that she does not have to be worried constantly about her ring.

kim kardashian engagement ring decoyThe ring that her fiance Kris Humphries is a 20.5-carat ring and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did try to take it. Do you think the decoy ring will fool anyone? Apparently she is having it made so close to her real ring that only a trained eye will be able to tell the difference.

Other big news about Kim? After Kim says “I do”, she is no longer going to be a Kardashian. Kim is then going to be Kim Humphries. MAN! I am not sure I would go with that. Can we at least get Kim Kardashian-Humphries?

I am interested to see how the fake ring will look when Kim starts to sport it and how do we know that she hasn’t already been sporting a decoy ring? – at least some of the time.

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