PSN Update: Playstation Network Status June 11

PlayStation Network is making the news once again on June 11. The Spanish police have made a total of 3 arrests in regards to the PSN hack that took down the network for over 3 weeks. The PlayStation network outage caused over 70 million users to be without online game play.

PlayStation Network Update

Many of those 70 million PSN users took the outage extremely bad, some even sold their PlayStation to buy an Xbox. I’m sure that this recent news about the PSN hack arrests does not make the user feel anymore happy with Sony. Although Sony did put together a welcome back package most of the users already had the games offered for free by Sony.

The group responsible for the PlayStation Network outage was #Anonymous and it is reported that they have multiple computers over the world that they have control over to do their dirty deeds. Users should be happy now as the PlayStation Network status for June 11 has everything back online including the PSN Store so users can purchase new games and also log-in to get their freebies from the Sony welcome back package.


  1. k-3 says:

    soo my playstation network is still down as of today but my friends all have online access and i dont…? any reasons why?

  2. bryan mansfield says:

    will you not give the users who dont have the first srrike maps…..the first strike maps as their are new maps out and no is going yo buy the first srrike map…..we had no online play for three weeks so we should get the first srrike maps

  3. Optimizers says:

    You have to re-new your password. I bet you already did that but, just a suggestion. It worked for my friend :D

  4. meedo80 says:


    I’m still unable to access PSN to create an account from Egypt and from France, any ETA ?

  5. frank says:

    where in world r u k3

  6. Drew says:

    need to reset my password but says that the network is still down as of June 14th. so right now PS3 is POS

  7. Sam says:

    After a LOT of hassle, i managed to change my password…i got back online BUT i’m off again. Can someone tell me what ‘error 8013…..blah blah and so on is?

  8. kboogey420 says:

    I am in Virginia in the United States and my psn is down!!! what da hell is going on???? is it my playstation or is the damn psn back down AGAIN??? please i have good internet connection but i fail when it comes to PSN!!!

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