Kim Kardashian Engaged

Everyone has been buzzing about Kim Kardashian being engaged. The reality television star is now engaged to NBA star Kris Humphries. The biggest news out of this engaged was the fact that Kris bought Kim an engagement ring that was worth $2 million dollars.

kim kardashian engagedKim’s big bling beat out Khloe’s ring and Khloe said “yes! Kim’s ring wins.” Khloe’s ring that she got from husband Lamar Odom is “only” worth $850,000.

Everyone that knows Kim well knows that she has always wanted to have a big ring. When she was engaged to Reggie Bush, she had a ring that was similar to the one that she has now but it didn’t cost as much as the one she is currently sporting.

Exclusive coverage of the Kim Kardashian wedding was reportedly sold to People Magazine for $1 million. According to New York Post’s page six they will be covering Kim Kardashian’s nuptials.

The editors of People Magazine are reportedly concerned that the public buzz might be cooling down a little bit and think that they may not make all of that $1 million back. ‘OK’ magazine reportedly made a big of almost $2 million but ended up pulling out of the bid war.

Over a million copies of Kim Kardashian’s engagement cover sold which is good but it said not to be the best. Negative press about a possible affair and the excessive amount spent on the wedding ring is believed to be a turn off to People Magazine readers and could hurt the sales of the wedding edition.

I wouldn’t worry too much though since the Kim Kardashian reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is drawing record viewers. The season five premiere in August 2010 had 4.7 million people tuning in.

So when will the wedding between Kim and Kris be? There still is not a set date for the wedding but it seems that both Kim and Kris are excited to get their plans into motion.

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