Emily Maynard: Her Thoughts On Bachelorette 2011′s Bentley Williams

Emily Maynard is always so sweet on her video blogs about the Bachelorette 2011. She wasn’t able to be on it but she sure is able to vlog about it.

emily maynardEmily was furious about the way that Bentley Williams treated Ashley Hebert on episode 3 of Bachelorette.

Bentley Williams had been extremely mean and insulting to Ashley on the episode and said that things would have went very differently if the girl would have been Emily Maynard. According to Bentley he thought that the sparks would have been flying had it been Emily and not Ashley.

Emily went on to say that she didn’t believe it mattered who the girl would have been because Bentley had a whole other agenda other than to fall in love on the show.

Emily goes on to say that she also wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because she can’t believe anyone could be so mean but that he should sleep with one eye open.

Do you think that Bentley would have acted any different if the Bachelorette would have been Emily Maynard instead of Ashley Hebert?

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