Brad Womack And Emily Maynard: Their Relationship Is Still A Mystery

Every post, every comment and every video blog that Emily makes has been under the microscope. Everyone wants to know what is going on between Brad Womack and Emily Maynard. Life & Style had reported that Emily said they were over and that Brad had broken up with her over the phone but Emily denies that she said any such thing. Fans thought that he would have closure but it seems that things are still being drawn out.

brad womack and emily maynardTabloids continue to say that the only hold up is Emily not wanting to move her daughter Ricki away from Charlotte. According to Emily that is not the case. On her facebook she has said

“”I have moved away from Charlotte before and it wasn’t a problem. My family here wants me to be happy wherever that may be. I can also assure you that just because you read it on google does not make it the truth.”

So is that is not the hold up then what is the hold up? Are they still together but staying out of the spot light or are they split and just don’t want to tell anyone yet?

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