Hugh Hefner And Crystal Harris Are No More

No one is really surprised who Hugh Hefner dates. He is always surrounded by young women that are attempting to get into the “industry” if you know what I mean. The latest in his dating string as you probably know is Crystal Harris.

hugh hefner and crystal harrisHugh Hefner and Crystal Harris were supposed to be getting married but it seems that Crystal had a change of mind. Hugh announced the split via Twitter on Tuesday, June 14, writing: “The wedding is off. Crystal had a change of heart.”

There are a lot of rumors going around as to what made the odd couple split up but the most common is that Crystal is now dating Dr. Phil’s son Jordan. It seems the McGraw boys have a hankerin for pretty blondes, don’t you think? I am curious about what his mother thinks about him dating the girl that was living in the mansion just a short time ago.

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