Crystal Harris: Stories About Dr. Phil’s Son ‘Absolutely Not True’

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner’s wedding has been called off but that doe snot mean that Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw is the reason behind the split like some reports say. According to Michael Blakely, Crystal Harris’ manager these stories are ‘absolutely not true.’

crystal harrisBlakely says ‘This is pure fabrication. There is no relationship, nor has there ever been one. This is a stupid rumor.’

These rumors first began in March when Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw were reportedly spotted looking cozy in L.A. at hotspot Chateau Marmont.

Blakely explained that their interactions wewre strictly for business. ‘They wrote a song together and that was the extent of their relationship.’ Was it a coincidence that the single hit iTunes on Monday?

So if Jordan McGraw isn’t the reason for the break up between Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner what is the problem? It seems that Crystal Harris is blaming Hugh Hefner’s playboy lifestyle. This is kind of confusing to me since she knew that he was in this lifestyle long before she was legal.

Do you think that Crystal will change her mind and go back to Hugh?

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