Unclaimed Money: GMA Shows How To Claim Unclaimed Money

This morning if you were lucky enough to watch Good Morning America you saw different ways to claim unclaimed money. For those of you who did not see the GMA show on June 16, 2011 here are a few of the key points to claim your funds. You can simply go to Unclaimed.org and check all the different states you have lived in and the state where the bank is based out of. It is important to check all versions of your name including your maiden name.

Unclaimed Money

If you want to search all states at the same time for unclaimed money another site is MissingMoney.com. This site will allow you to choose “all states” to search for funds in your name. There are however some states that do not participate so these ones you will have to do one by one at Unclaimed.org. If you are searching for a family member that passed away then you will need the following. You will need their social security number, past addresses, death certificate and proof that their funds were left to you.

If you are looking to claim unclaimed bonds then you will need to go to TreasuryHunt.gov. Here you can search for unclaimed money by putting in your social security number and the person that gave you the bond if it was gifted. Will the latest money tips from GMA many viewers are cashing in so start looking for your unclaimed money today.


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