Anthony Weiner: Resigned From Congress

After the Anthony Weiner photo was confirmed to actually be him the initial idea was to try to get over the negative press and drama and stay in Congress. It seems that Weiner was such a distraction that he decided that he was going to resign.

anthony weiner wifeIn his resignation Anthony Weiner attempted to say sorry to everyone for the inappropriate photo(s) that surfaced on Twitter and were later confirmed to be his. Weiner specifically tried to say sorry to his colleagues and to his wife but there were too many hecklers for him to get out all that he wanted to say.

There were many people shouting things that are were not appropriate and just as perverted as they were calling Anthony Weiner and yet they did not get the negative press that he had been getting.

Do you believe that Anthony Weiner should have resigned? Maybe all of the people that were “perverts” should be taken out of Congress. If they were all weeded out, how many people would we have left in our government?
anthony weiner
No matter what should have happened with Anthony Weiner the behavior that happened as he resigned should be frowned on just as much as the behavior that came from the congressman.

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