Vancouver Riot Kiss Photo: The Calming Kiss

During the recent riots in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, following the win by the Boston Bruins as Stanley Cup Champions, a picture of a passionate kiss was amidst the storm. There lying in the middle of the street with rioting, looting, burning of vehicles happening all around them, was a couple looking like they were embraced in a passionate kiss.  Not aware of their circumstances.

Calming Kiss

The question kept popping-up, who was this couple, who would lay down in the middle of chaos to kiss.  The man in the photo is a tourist from Australia, Scott Jones, who was kissing his Canadian girlfriend Alexandra Thomas.  When she was knocked to the ground by police, he covered her with his body and gave her a kiss to calm her.  The calming kiss, within the Vancouver riots, was beautiful, the picture of the two looked like it was photo-shopped into the picture of the riot.

But it was not, it was a real kiss.  The two have been dating for the last six months.  He is an actor and comedian from Perth, Australia.   She is a very lucky lady to find a man that would lay himself down in the street to protect his girlfriend and then give her that calming kiss.  The two have been inundated with worldwide calls and the news media wanting their story and to appear on television programs.

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