Jared Dudley Twitter: Lebron’s Secret

If you are a avid Twitter user or just a casual acquaintance with the online site, you probably know that the Jared Dudley Twitter account has made some bold statements in reference to Lebron James. Dudley outright reports on Twitter that LeBron will be playing for the Knicks next year. Apparently no one else seems to be quite as privy to that information. ESPN has scheduled an hour long interview with the NBA superstar but they aren’t making any announcements just yet about where James will play next season.

Trusting a social media site like the Jared Dudley feed could be dangerous. Taking in the information is easy, believing it is not always that simple. After all, James has been a free agent for 7 days now and the NBA world still waits on an answer. When it is all said and done, the media is still battling to get the information first.

Lebron kicked off his own basketball camp this week and has been seen playing pick up games there. The rumors continue to circulate, not just through Jared Dudley Twitter feeds, but via many media outlets. Lebron will definitely be making a decision and an announcement sooner than later. Other than that, very little is a  certainty.

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