Brad Womack & Emily Maynard: Life Goes On

Since the end of the last season of the Bachelor speculation has been circling the relationship between Brad Womack & Emily Maynard. In the final episode Brad had proposed to Emily, hoping to make her his wife. Plans did not work out as he had hoped though. Emily was not prepared to move to Texas with Brad, and Brad was not prepared to move to North Carolina.

The former couple had been tight lipped about their relationship since the end of the season. On the show the two looked as though they were madly in love. But last month when Emily was photographed without her engagement ring speculation came about that Brad Womack & Emily Maynard were no longer a couple.

After months of many make ups and break ups, Emily broke things off with Brad for good last month. There were many reasons for the demise of this relationship. Do you think Emily Maynard could be the next Bachelorette or maybe we will see Brad Womack again on the Bachelor, superstitions say third times the charm!


  1. P. Burk says:

    Brad was way too old for Emily. He is such a loser. His type is the bar babe with no front teeth

  2. Gigi says:

    She’s been accustomed to a lot of money from the family of her late fiance. They lavish Emily and little Ricki with money…trying to make up for the loss of their son in their granddaughter’s life. This is a family of tremendous wealth…ocean front homes, private planes…etc…etc. Brad cannot compete with that kind of money and she’s not giving that up to move to Texas with some old guy that owns a bar. Not gonna happen!!

  3. Deelee says:

    I think Emily isn’t sure what she wants, or didn’t seem like she was sure on the show. She’s young and pretty well “kept” by Ricky’s family. She doesn’t seem to work. She seems “tethered” to her life as dead Ricky’s widow and mother of little Ricki—and the word widow is used loosely. If she were really her own person she would complete her education and make a complete launch into independence.

    Brad could find a great woman if he wanted to. He’s certainly handsome, successful and seems grounded. I wish he had picked Ashley or Chantal or Shawntel. They were more available and ready for a relationship—less bogged down.

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