Kim Kardashian Wedding Date Rumors

Since the announcement back in May of their engagement rumors have been circulating the internet about when Kim Kardashian and her fiancee Kris Humphries will wed. The gift registry the couple created at Gearys in Beverly Hills lists October 31st as the big day. Sources close to the couple say that Halloween is not their wedding day,  just a date picked to mislead the paparazzi. The Kim Kardashian wedding date rumors also say the couple will wed this summer.

Regardless of when they marry the wedding is sure to be a lavish affair. Kim and Kris have apparently hired wedding planner to the stars Sharon Sacks. She says that this will be “the wedding of the century” according to ET online. Sacks has created amazing wedding days for many stars including Kim’s own sister Khloe Kardashian. The Kim Kardashian wedding date rumors have created quite the buzz on the internet, I can’t wait to see what kind of buzz the actual wedding brings on.

If Kim’s 20.5 carat engagement ring is any indicator to the size of the wedding, then it will be huge. Is Kim a bridezilla, according to Sharon Sacks she is the opposite. Sacks says “she has been unbelievable to work with”. For those lucky enough to get an invite to the Kim Kardashian wedding date be sure to save up your pennies as the wedding gift registry has some pretty pricey items on it.

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