Grim Sleeper: Serial Killer

The Grim Sleeper Serial Killer isn’t exactly the most widely known killers. This serial killer was chased down from a piece of trashed pizza. The DNA from the pizza matched that of a killer with eleven kills over three decades under his belt. It wasn’t as easy as it seems though.

One lone piece of pizza led officials to Lonnie David Franklin. He was in his South Los Angeles home on Wednesday when the authorities arrested him. He has been officially charged with ten counts of murder.  He is also eligible for the death penalty in this situation.

Franklin worked as a city trash collector and vehicle mechanic for the LAPD. His neighbors were shocked to see the whole scene transpire in front of them. Franklin was noted to be a “good man” who “volunteers at the park” and was also said to be a good mechanic. Originally the DNA led authorities to a man incarcerated for another crime but too young to have committed some of these murders; naturally, that led them to his father.

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