The Bachelorette June 20 Recap: Who Did Ashley Hebert Send Home?

Here is you Bachelorette June 20th recap, including who did not receive a rose last night from Ashley Hebert. First off Ashley and her 11 remaining bachelors headed to a different location in Thailand were a group date challenge took place, a Muay Thai boxing match. Ivy Leaguer Ames got hit in the side of the head during the challenge resulting in a hospital visit and concussion. The other guys participating in the group date included Blake, Constantine, Ryan, Nick, Lucas, J.P., & Mickey; Blake received the rose.

The Bachelorette June 20 Recap

Ben F., the winemaker, was the lucky guy to receive the one-on-one date which resulted in a romantic kiss and a rose. The other date which was a two-on-one date featured William, and Ben C. After William tells Ashley that Ben is not that into her she sends him home right away. Her date continues with William but she soon realizes that he is just not the type for her either, so bye-bye William. In true Bachelorette fashion Ashely Hebert sent home both guys from her two-on-one date.

Now this brings us to the rose ceremony for our June 20th Bachelorette recap. The remaining 9 guys gathered around eagerly waiting to see if they got one more week with Ashley Hebert. With Blake and Ben F. possessing a rose already Ashley hands out 6 more, leaving Nick the Personal Trainer from Odessa, Florida out in the cold. Do you think Ashley made the right choice sending home William, Ben C., and Nick?

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