PlayStation Network Hacked: 19 Year Old Arrested in Sony PSN Hacking

Sony’s PlayStation network went down on April 20, due to someone hacking into their system. The information for all 70 million gamers worldwide was now available to the hackers. Today, London police are saying that they have arrested a 19-year-old teenager suspected of the Sony PlayStation Network hacking. The suspect’s name is being withheld, as it is against the law to name a suspect in Britain.

Sony PlayStation Network

He is suspected of hacking into a number of intelligence agencies and businesses. Sony’s PlayStation Network was down around the globe and did not come back online safely until later in May. The cost of the attack was estimated by Sony to be $171 million, plus their PSN store did not come back up online until the first part of June.

Sony pictures website accounts became compromised later as hackers broke into accounts of over 1 million users. The gaming company SEGA was also hacked and users information was also stolen. PlayStation uses SEGA to make the games, and SEGA is also used by other gaming systems, as well. The teenager’s computer will now be examined and ties to any hacker group, such as LulzSec will likely be established. The PlayStation Network hack will surely cost this 19 year old a lot if he is actually found guilty of the Sony PSN hacking.

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