Final Cut Pro X Released

Apple has just released Final Cut Pro X and post-production gurus everywhere are excited to see the new features of this dynamic film editing software. The Apple software is debuting only at the MAC App store with the price tag of $299 which is very affordable considering what Final Cut Pro X offers to filmmakers everywhere. This is revolutionary film editing software that has very fast editing features without compromising quality and consistent color. Final Cut Pro is Apple’s premiere film editing software and it shows since you will most definitely be impressed when using this remarkable post-production software.

Final Cut Pro X

One of the unique features that we like is the magnetic time line that allows you to edit without worrying about clip collisions. You can also search for any clip fast and easily using Final Cut Pro X since it has automatic meta-data and allows for custom keywords. There should be no more sync problems with this software and there will also be no more time-line clutter because you can collapse complex events into a single clip.

Another very cool feature that we found was that you never had to leave Final Cut Pro X when searching for music, photos, sound effects and more. It does it all for you with built in content browsers that allow you to easily drag and drop from the folders. The 64 bit Final Cut Pro X allows you to do larger projects in a breeze since it also allows for deeper multi-layered effects. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X will surely be a big hit especially with the big film post production companies.

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