Octavia Nasr: CNN Fired Nasr after 20 years

The rate at which social media is growing right now is unfathomable.  Originally one man’s Twitter about his perception of a new city rendered he and his company in a huge mess when he tweeted his thoughts. Now, Octavia Nasr has lost her job from CNN in a similar yet very different situation. Octavia has worked with CNN for 20 years and in the blink of an eye, her career is over.

Octavia Nasr worked out of the Atlanta area. A Middle East News Editor with 20 solid years under her belt made the horrible mistake of using Twitter in a manner unbecoming of her employer. Or at least that’s how they saw it. The tweet has since been deleted but she is still jobless.

CNN’s point of view on this subject comes from various directions. First of all, Octavia Nasr was considered an extreme on the liberalist panel and her words offended those super conservative folks. Moreover, CNN claims that her creditability has been comprised by her words. In reality, regardless of one’s professional views, personal opinions can still remain in opposition without necessarily being fired.

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