Lady Gaga: MTV Music Aid Japan

Lady Gaga has the largest following for an artist in the world today. She is an icon to her little monsters. Tuesday, she arrived in Japan, wearing all green, a green wig matched her green dress and shoes. She will be performing this Saturday, at the 10th Annual MTV Japan awards show. The show to benefit the Japanese Red Cross and the tsunami victims and is called “The MTV Music Aid Japan”.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performed recently in the U.K. and in Toronto for the MuchMusic Video awards. When she arrived at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, she was met by some 50 members of the media, plus over 200 fans. The words “Pray for Japan”, in Japanese and English were on her wrist band when she raised her left arm to wave to the crowd.

Forbes magazine this year had ranked Lady Gaga as the most powerful celebrity. The Kyodo news agency reported, Lady Gaga has donated $3 million to people in disaster zones so far, including her personal contributions and the sale of her wristbands. It will be interesting to see what Lady Gaga will have in store for her Japanese fans with her outrageous outfits for MTV Music Aid Japan.

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