Glen Campbell has Alzheimer’s Disease

Singer/Songwriter/Actor Glen Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease according to sources. Campbell is 75 years old and has had a tremendous career spanning over 50 years. Glen Campbell has been married four times and is the father of eight children. Despite coming forward with the news about his battle with Alzheimer’s disease he is still very optimistic.

Glen Campbell

Campbell is an avid golfer and was actually ranked in the top 15 celebrity golfers by golf magazine in 2005. Glen Campbell has received several awards during his prestigious career in both film and music. Alzheimer’s disease is something that mostly elderly people struggle with although even some younger people develop the disease earlier in life.  Confusion and lack of memory are the key symptoms that Alzheimer’s disease brings to who have it.

Unfortunately for Glen Campbell it is a terminal disease but can take several years to fully take over the body. Researchers say that proper stress management, mental stimulation, exercise and eating healthy can play a big role in delaying and preventing the Alzheimer’s disease that Glen Campbell currently has.

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