Graphic Cigarette Warnings: FDA Issues New Cigarette Photo Warning Labels

For those of you who have been living in denial or under a rock, cigarettes are very bad for you and will kill you. This is basically what the FDA has issued cigarette companies to show you on their new warning labels. Extensive medical research has showed however if you do smoke cigarettes your chance of dying younger and of getting cancer is almost a sure-bet. Smokers still continue to light up in denial but now with the new graphic cigarette warnings and labels on the packages things will surely change.

Graphic Cigarette Warnings

Smoking cigarettes is hugely addictive and likely the main reason so many smokers struggle to quit. If you are a smoker, looking at some of these graphic cigarette warnings should scare you in quitting. Some people believe that cigarettes should be banned all together because the medical costs for people that do smoke is substantial. There is suppose to be a total of 9 different graphic cigarette warning labels to be placed on cigarette packages by September 2012.

Increasing the awareness and consequences of smoking cigarettes on the actual smoke packages has already worked by a similar method used by the Canadian government. The result of these new cigarette labels will surely make smokers want to quit sooner. It will save lives, cut medical costs and increase the life expectancy of many Americans.

What are your thoughts on these Graphic Cigarette Warnings to be placed on packages of cigarettes. If you smoked, would you quit?


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