Pottermore: New Interactive Harry Potter Website

The new website Pottermore will bring delight and fun to Harry Potter fans around the world. The British author of the famous Harry Potter book series, J.K. Rowling announced today, the website should open in October 2011. The website will be available in multiple languages with the power of the supernatural stories in audiobooks and e-books. J.K. Rowling promises to delight you with the magical world of wizards once again.

Pottermore Website

Pottermore will be much more than the magical books, it will allow you to interact with computer games, social networks and a Pottermore store. J.K. Rowling has partnered with Sony to bring you this new realm of Pottermore. Extensive new material written by J.K. Rowling will be added the new website. New information on the characters and settings of the books, Rowling says she has been hoarding for years will come to lite.

When Pottermore appeared on the internet with the words “coming soon”, millions of fans watched and waited with anticipation for today’s announcement. The website will be live on July 31st in Beta, but only available to the first 1 million registered users, until October when it will open to the world. Upon entering this world of Harry Potter, you will choose a magical username and continue on your journey joining Hogwarts just like Harry.

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