Toby Maguire: Sued for Poker Winnings

Spiderman is becoming entangled in another type of web, winnings from a ponzi scheme. Toby Maguire played high-stakes poker with some of today’s superstars, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. He frequently was the winner of these underground games and is now being sued for $311,000 by a bankruptcy trustee. The bankruptcy trustee is working to recoup $4 million dollars from Maguire and other poker players.

Toby Maguire Being Sued

The money he won was originally taken from Bradley Ruderman’s ponzi scheme. Ruderman is serving ten years in prison for the money he took from investors in the wire and investment fraud scheme. Well now it gets really crazy, it seems Bradley Ruderman also liked to play high-stakes poker at the luxury, Beverly Hills hotel and other venues in the area. He not only played, but used the money from his investors to participate in the game.

Bradley Ruderman lost $5.2 million in these poker games. The big-name poker players sometimes used their private residences for these upscale events and hired professional dealers, with real poker tables and massages included. Millions of dollars were won and lost in these high-stake events. The trustee maintains that Toby Maquire and others cannot keep these winnings as they came from improperly diverted investor funds.

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