Apple Touchscreen Patent Approved

Breaking news today will have several cell phone and tablet manufacturers up in arms as Apple’s touchscreen patent was approved. There are currently several different manufactures who have produced devices that use a type of touchscreen. Some of those products and companies that utilize the touchscreen are Archos, ASUS EEE Pad Transformer 2, Vizio Android tablet, Toshiba DX1215, Nokia N9 Meego, and of course the Blackberry Playbook.

Apple Touchscreen Patent

Apple will now be able to grant licenses to companies to utilize their specific touchscreen patent. Apple could also choose to totally own the market and grant no licenses for their touchscreen patent. Those companies that currently use a type of touchscreen on their devices will definitely not be happy about the current patent ruling in favor of Apple. It is reports that Apple is still going after several other patents which will only make their hold on the touchscreen tablet market that much stronger if they are granted those patents.

Perhaps the latest Blackberry ads on TV was more motivation for Apple to own the touchscreen patent. The Blackberry Playbook ad brags about how it can run several things at once unlike other tablets and we all know they mean the Apple Ipad. The patent was originally filed back in 2007 and now the U.S. patent No. 7966578 for touchscreen is now approved.


  1. anonymous says:

    This can also mean americans won’t see various tablet models and get to enjoy their ipads with itunes and “iWatch”

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