O.J. Simpson Confesses Nothing: Allegedly Tells Oprah He Killed His Wife

Many O.J. Simpson fans were in disbelief today when O.J. allegedly told Oprah that he killed his wife in self defense but those reports are false. There have been millions of people that suspected O.J. Simpson of killing his wife and but the debate will remain open until he actually confesses. O.J. was never found guilty of killing wife Nicole Brown Simpson or her suspected lover Ronald Goldman back in 1995.

OJ Simpson Confesses to Oprah

The latest false news would be a big slam to the American Justice system to have someone confess to murder who was never found guilty. Surely the family of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman would be in uproar if O.J. did say such things about their loved ones. Mr. Simpson allegedly told producers that he didn’t like the way Nicole was behaving in front of their kids.

O.J. Simpson is currently in jail serving a 9 year sentence in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping. Perhaps O.J.’s consciousness will finally get the best of him but time will only tell. Hopefully Oprah will actually get O.J. to confess to the murders during an exclusive television interview sometime in the near future.

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