Jermaine O’Neal: Out of Miami into Boston

The day has been over run with news of Lebron James. For that matter, the entire week since the free agent market open has been quite a circus. While Lebron has been busily running a camp, meeting with coaches and general managers, other players have gone ahead and handled their business. Jermaine O’Neal is slated to join Ray Allen in Boston according to the Boston Herald.

Reality TV is a hit right now and watching these athletes parade around all week hasn’t helped. And, the fact that Jermaine O’Neal is expected to sign a two year contract and get $5.765 million next season is just fuel to the fire. Boston may or may not have made a good move as O’Neal is aging. One thing important about to note here is that O’Neal came from Miami.

Jermaine O’Neal has left the Miami Heat and is headed to Boston. Does this seem a bit surreal to think that Miami possibly freed up some money in this trade. If Miami is indeed planning to nab the trio of Bosh, Wade and Lebron James, they needed to move a little money and at least one body. In the world of reality and reality TV, this is more than a little bit of a coincidence?

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