Casey Anthony Trial: Mom Searched for Chloroform

The latest in the Casey Anthony Trial shows that there was a search on the computer for Chloroform instead of Chlorophyll. Many may disbelieve this nonsense because it is simple too close to the word chlorophyll.

Cindy Anthony Trial

This however has been supposedly covered up by Cindy Anthony who says she was searching for Chlorophyll because a dog ate it and wanted to know if it was poison.  On another note her parents were reportedly stated saying that they do not want Casey Anthony to get the death sentence. Casey Anthony’s parents also said that they would do anything possible to keep their daughter from getting the death sentence if found guilty.

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  1. heather says:

    Hi After the last two days I finally realize how Casey has become such a liar She watched her Mother I also noticed that every time Cindy dabbed at her eyes so did Casey and guess what Neither one had a wet mark on their cheeks They are such fakes Also Casey gave that sugary smile while looking at the video of her and Caylee but if you watch closely the smile was when it was only her on tape Cindy sniffled at the photos of Caylee climbing the ladder but poker faced when she was looking at other photos like at the door Amazing

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