Cliff Lee: Will New York Land This One

Indeed, fans in various cities are mourning the fact that Lebron didn’t choose to head their way. But, the Yankees could have what’s being deemed as a consolation prize. Several teams are interested in one player, but just like with Lebron, his options are endless. The decision remains in the hands of Cliff Lee and hopefully New York gets an answer before the All-Star game.

For now, the Yankees are set to face their hot new prospect tonight. The Yankees have a lot of options since they already have six starter in their rotation. They could obviously trade someone to make room for the new guy. The bottom line right now is that there New York has made an offer regarding Cliff Lee so the waiting game begins.

New York fans have to be wondering if the Yankees will be able to lure the big guy to their city. Indeed, Lebron went south to Miami but that doesn’t mean that New York and the Yankee’s need to give up. Playing baseball for the New York Yankees has to rank at the top of every baseball players big dreams. Before you turn around good, Cliff Lee could be the one holding an hour long special on ESPN to tell the world where he will be throwing the ball after the All-Star break.

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