Team Fortress 2: Free To Play On PC and MAC

If you are a game lover you should know that Team Fortress 2 is now available for free play on PC and MAC. If you are a Steam users you will be able to download and play the entire game experience. What is the entire game experience? Nine character classes, all maps (mod-made and official) and the ton of updates.

team fortress 2The game’s developer and maker, Valve is also the developer and maker of Half Life and Portal. The company will be making money from the digital arsenal of upgraded guns. You will be able to earn most of the content through free play however. Expect to see ads when you are playing as well.

Robin Walker, Valve’s Team Fortress 2 lead told Develop Online that there will be no premium subscription models and that just because you have a lot of money you will not be able to push past the competition by buying all of the best weapons.

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