Lindsay Lohan: Breaking Probation Again?

Lindsay Lohan: Breaking Probation Again? - The ongoing Lindsay Lohan saga continues with stories of here breaking her probation agreement. Hey wait hasn’t this happened before? Rumor has it that Lohan, who is under house arrest, had a party at her place. Reports say Lohan tested positive for alcohol in her blood, which is supposed to be a violation of her probation.

In court on Thursday the judge, Stephanie Sautner, that over saw this apparent probation violation stated that Lindsay did nothing wrong. In Lindsay’s original probation agreement it was indicated by Judge Eden Fox that she would only be tested for controlled substances and not alcohol. The District Attorney’s office was very frustrated with the ruling, but Judge Sautner would not budge she had made her decision.

Lindsay Lohan is expected to finish up her house arrest in the coming week, just in time for her to celebrate her 25th birthday on July 2nd. Hopefully she can keep herself out of trouble and not break any conditions of her probation.

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